Welcome to New-Midgard

A new, expanded world, unlike any other server before.
A special take on the classic formula.
The Player is the master of it’s own destiny and plans.

Expanded World

Lands to be explored, new monster locations, new dungeons, new challenges, every single aspect of the exploration and world has been changed. No Instances or long access quests!

A bigger than ever New-Midgard awaits those brave enough to face it’s new challenges for everyone: Casual or Hardcore!

Over 30 New Job Classes

A new path as an Orphan, the cursed people who lost everything and everyone and is ready to tackle new challenges head-on.
A completely new evolution path!

The adaptability of the Thief Tree, the scythes of the Revenant, the puppet of the Illusionist, the decks of the Jester, the power of the Dracomancer and many more!

Modern Features

No more losing items when failing refines, shadow sets tailor-made for different playstyles, balanced systems. And a completely new large arsenal of items and cards, tailor-made for balance and fun!

Return to Morroc expects you to have the items to create your dream build… you will need them during the whole journey!

Your Story is Written

Everyone has a story to tell.

Uncover the truth about The Mark that every Orphan carries, meet new allies and old enemies, fight for what you believe is fair, and fulfill your destiny!
Exclusive solo instances, choice and job based changed to the story and the best: 100% Optional.

Only you can fulfill your destiny!

Difficult but Fair

Monsters won’t just attack you and stand in place until you kill them… they are monsters, they will use all their skills at their disposal to make you regret fighting them.

You will dodge, hide, go behind cover and pay attention to combat at all times to survive.

You can solo anything, if you’re prepared.

New Gameplay

No More bash spamming all the way to job change while sitting for hours to recover SP!

Our dynamic SP regeneration, combo rotations and skill interactions ensure all your fully customized new skills will be used to their max potential.
No more single-button spam!

A new evolution on rotations and builds!