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Welcome, Orphan.

Project Return to Morroc

Need an introduction to our server? Look no further! What is Return to Morroc?

Manja de Português? Pode conhecer um pouco de nós Aqui!

Kinda lost? Check the community-made New Orphan's Guide.

Check our Discord server for daily updates!

You can Download the game and create an account Here!

Current Patch: 1.2.1 - Welcome to Frontier! + Great Fixes Patch


Main Features


Job Classes


Grimoire of New-Midgard


Regions and Dungeons

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Systems and Exchanges


The Orphanage


HATred Quests


Refine System


Distortion Dungeons


Call to Arms and PvP/GvG

Click the Equipment/Card slots to see the list of items!

Or check the community-made Worldchanges.gifDatabase!

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