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Road to Patch 1.2

by Ornstein on 2023-09-15

Patch 1.1.5 was added last week! With that we now close the cycle of Patch 1.1 - Focused on Balance and Adjustments. We now will focus on content and new stuff, check discord for news :), Patch 1.2 is expected for early october!

Patch 1.1.2 - Looking Glass Mirror is now up!

by Ornstein on 2023-08-17

New Patch! Mimic job, new skills, some rebalances and the best: A bigger draw distance on sprites and new hairstyles, making PRM much more fair and attractive o/

Issues with new Patch

by Ornstein on 2023-08-01

Patch 1.1 had some issues on source, as such, the rebalance of skills has not been applied for now while we investigate the issues. All new content added is available. Thanks!

Patch 1.1 - Window to the Night Sky

by Ornstein on 2023-07-31

Patch is live and with it, tons of new content! -Job Improvements and rebalances -Over 120 new items -Better EXP, quality of life and content -Loads of new stuff Remember to update the game!